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Crafting since the "fix"

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1Crafting since the "fix" Empty Crafting since the "fix" on Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:41 pm


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A lot of people were asking questions about crafting in LS chat the other day. Everyone thought the failure rate increased, but I don't think that's true although they did change the way you have to skill up. I found this info on ffxivcore I'm going to try crafting this way and see how successful I am.Cool

The update and the FAQ revealed a few things:

Standard Synthesis: Highest Success Rate, with moderate progress gains and durability losses. Is now the go-to button for synthesis completion.

Rapid Synthesis: Lowest Success Rate, with high progress gains on success and high durability loss on failure. Should be used only to speed through easy synths, or as a last ditch effort to get lucky when you are far behind on a synth.

Bold Synthesis: Unkown Success Rate (presumably lower than Standard, but higher than Rapid). Should be used only for quality gains, and ignored when crafting for skill/progress.

-NOTE: Successive successful synthesis attempts increase quality gains.

Orb Colors:
SE has confirmed in a FAQ that orb color affects success rates, and they suggested for all types of synthesis. The following includes a bit of assumption and should be taken as such. It appears at this time, that color does not mean to use a specific type of synth, just an overall stability level.

White - Most stable, highest success rate.
Gold - More stable, higher success rate.
Red - Less stable, lower success rate.
Multi - Least stable, lowest success rate.

Unstable Elements - Wildly unstable, Synth has a chance to critically fail, causing massive durability loss. Orb color still affects this, risking a synth on an unstable element with White orb is much better than risking it with multi color orb.

-If you are being lazy and spamming, spam Standard. Rapid will cause botches more often.
-If finessing, use Wait and Standard. Use rapid only if it looks like you are going to botch anyway, and if you get really lucky you may recover.
-Use Wait at least once on all Multi and Red orbs. Try to get White and Gold as often as possible.

Overall it is a buff to crafting, it is easier to complete synths reliably now than in the rapid spam days. It does take a little longer though.

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It's actually improved significantly. With my skills and using standard, I am able to make things regulary 2-3 levels above my current crafting skill. (ex. As a blacksmith, I can make chocobotail saws, and as a carpenter I can make willow half masks, which require rank 17 to make successfully at rank 10, and rank 15 respectively.)

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I use standard alot...and tend to try to pick the same point in the wait timer as best I can.

Has worked well for me so far with goldsmithing.

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