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Conjury for the new.

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1Conjury for the new. Empty Conjury for the new. on Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:49 am


Hello there fellow linkshell members! My name is Orihime Inoue AKA Synthetic Syndicate, and I shall be writing some simple steps for all your Conjurers out there! Please note, any of this IS subject to change in retail.

First off, when you pick your character they DO indeed have stats, but these are very minimal differences. If you are going for perfect gains, you will probably want to start off as a lalafell or an elezen.

When you load into the game, you will start with a cutscene. After that you will have to walk around and talk to a few NPCs to trigger another cutscene in which you will have your first battle! Good luck!

I recommend opening your menu (With the HOME key) and clicking your journal and completing the first part of your main story. This awards you with not only 30,000 gil, but an important skill which you WILL NEED. Tranquility, which will restore a certain amount of your MP. Yes, MP does NOT regen as of this writing. You either need to use tranquility or you need to hit an aether crystal, both of which are on 10 minute cooldown timers.

Alright, now that you completed the main storyline and are probably level 2 or 3, if you grinded a bit, you are ready to venture forth.

Go to your local adventure guild/inn and pick up some regional levequests. If you are an adventurer like me, I recommend picking up the ones that have gear, and then traveling to the other cities, and seeing if they have any that offer gear rewards as well. It's a good way to gear up in the beginning.

Anyways, once you reach rank 4, you will obtain Cure ! Congrats, this is your first and main healing spell. Not only that, but it can AoE as well! It is extremely useful, so don't forget to equip it! By this point you should be an experienced fighter, and I will not be writing a guide describing how to level, but if you ask I will try to help you.

Affinity - According to many beta players when you perform your stat allocation, the elemental affinity you choose to put stats into also increases your damage with that specific element as well. I have not confirmed this myself, as it is also dependent on the mobs you will be fighting.

Stats - I'm not going to tell you how to allocate stats, because everyone has different preferences and will have different opinions on the matter. As for me, I went into int and mnd until they started to require 2 stat points, and then I started to increase my peity and stamina equally.

Crafting - Carpentry and Weaving are probably your best bets, but do something that interests you, as I will be mainly doing these when I am not leveling, and I'm always willing to help. Carpentry will allow you to create new weapons, and weaving allows you to craft various cloth armors.

Leveling - Ok, so I did add this section. You start at level 1, in which you get the following skills automatically.
Aero Blizzard Fire Stone Thunder Water
And of course, your main skill. Spirit Dart
You are going to want to do your story first of course, and after that you should be job rank 2, at which point you will get Trance Chant and you will also get Tranquility for completing the first story quest. At this point, you should have already been outside of the city. If you are starting in Limsa, you are going to want to fight wharf rats, or go far south and fight sheep. Do not attempt dodos until you are at least rank 9 or 10, unless in a party. If you are starting in Ul'dah, you are going to want to kill Bumble Beetles, Star Marmots, and Copper Coblyns, until you are around rank 7 or 8, and then you can head to camp drybone and start to kill thistletail marmots.
If you are starting in Gridania, you are going to want to kill Star marmots for the first few levels until you get Cure at rank 4, and then start to kill forest funguars until you are around the same rank. 7-8. I shall be updating this beginner guide later. Hope it helps.

I hope my beginner tips/strategy guide was helpful to blooming mages. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on here, or find me in game. I am on the Fabul server during Beta, under the name Orihime Inoue, and when Retail hits on the 22nd, my name shall be Synthetic Syndicate. Hope to see you on the linkshell soon! Also, you can find me in Ventrilo whenever it is activated and ask any questions you have for me there. Very Happy Good luck fellow Adventurers, I shall see you all in Eorzea!

Added - Leveling on September 12th.

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