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Tips for the new/General questions.

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Hello there linkshell. Orihime Inoue here again, with more newb-friendly tips to help you get started in your Eorzean adventuring!


First - Every 10 ranks you unlock a new part of the story. Do these, as each branch nets you 30k, which is a good chunk of change to start off with.
Second - Craft. Crafting is an amazing way to make money. If you are just starting off, I recommend goldsmithing as jewerly from the npc is so overpriced you should be able to make a good profit by selling bone rings and brass chokers to other players. (This is how I made 100k in less than 24 hours)
Third - Do guildleves with a group. You can increase the mob difficulty this way, which also will net you bigger rewards!

So, you can only do 8 regional guildleves and 8 local leves in 48 hours. Some of you may think this is a big deal, but it's really not. I will tell you how to make the most of your guildleves.

Do them in parties. This increase your net rewards, and it's fun to play with other people. Maybe you'll even make some friends!
Do ones that offer armor. I travel to all 3 of the cities, and pick up the leves that have armor as a quest reward, and I do those FIRST before finishing the rest of the 8 leves.
Local and Regional do NOT mix. Do some local leves, it's a good way to increase your crafting skills. Make sure you have the proper tool before you venture out into the wilderness though.

NMs - To be contained later.

Random tips -
You can teleport to previous visited aether crystals. WARNING : This will use Anima, which regenerates very slowly over time. Do NOT waste it.
Explore. Talk to everyone. You never know when you may find something useful.
Write down recipes. Sometimes sites like and are not 100% accurate, whereas you know you will be.
Level jobs you find fun so the game will not get stale for you. Yes, this may be common sense, but you would be surprised how many people burn themselves out because they aren't having fun.
Grind. Go ahead, whine. I dare you. Grinding does the following - Helps you level, gets you elemental shards/crystals, gets you mob drops. You can either sell the mob drops, or use them in crafting. Same for the shards and crystals, which makes grinding a good source of gil. You are killing two birds with one stone.

Well, I guess that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed my basic tips for FFXIV. I shall update this as I see fit, or if people have things they would like to add, I shall include it in the main post and give you credit.

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Onion Knight
Onion Knight
Ya, I really need to chart out how to get to each city once the game releases. To really maximize our guild leves and not waste anima we should probably assign different people to different cities and maybe set up a scheduled time to meet in the evening. I'm not sure how much other folks would be interested in scheduling time around an MMO, but if you want to advance quickly it seem likes FFXIV will reward players that organize and work efficiently.

It might also be advantageous to set aside a day for crafting and work together in order to make equipment for ourselves. Many of the items in game require different parts from different crafts and would be good if we just get together at least once a week and work towards making new weapons and armor for folks. We don't need to focus on every little upgrade, but set goals that once you reach level 10 we'll fill in the gaps of LS members that need a new weapon or jewelry or gloves. We just need to work out a reasonable trade so as to avoid folks that purely use the LS and give nothing back. Since everyone will be able to acquire 30k really easily we might want to put together a 30k starting package for each job that fills in many of the armor gaps. We could provide a hat, gloves, necklace, 1 ring, and a better weapon for 30k.

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Onion Knight
Onion Knight
Beta prices haven't been bad considering the lack of gear and the ease at which you can aquire gil with leves, but I'm thinking long term and promoting the LS as a friedly one that is willing to help folks out for a reasonable return.

I'm not quite sure how many core folks we have, but it would be nice to get a list going of what everyone is planning to play upon release so that we can start making sure we don't end up with gaps; especially in regards to crafting. I need to try out a gatherer job too. One thing I haven't done yet.

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