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Loot lists

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In here I shall be posting locations/various loot lists for mobs I encounter and farm to help out some newer/medium level players. Hope it will help you find what you are looking for!

Star Marmot : Thanalan : marmot pelt, Gridanian walnut, marmot meat, moko grass, bronze swallowtail arrowheads, earth crystal, earth shards, ice shards, fire shards
Copper Coblyn : Thanalan : copper ore, yellow copper ore, tin ore, pyrite, flint stone, earth crystal, earth shards, ice shards, fire shards
Yarzon Feeder : Thanalan : alumen, wildfowl feather,
Wharf Rat : : Rat Tail.
Dodo : : Dodo skin, wind shards
Thistletail Marmot : : Marmot Pelt, Marmot meat, Clump of Moko Grass, 6 earth shards, 3 ice shards

Note : I will be updating this regularly. I just don't want the website to time me out. Very Happy
Note : I will eventually be adding percentages for all enemies as well.

Edited : Added Yarzon Feeder data + more Coblyn data.
11:00 PM EST 9/11/2010 Added data for Wharf Rat and Dodo.

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