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Personal Guildleve Pics

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1Personal Guildleve Pics Empty Personal Guildleve Pics on Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:15 am

Averros Ancientus

Averros Ancientus
Good Day,

I spent hours making the first one of these only to find a mask on the internet to do them... so I am here to offer to make anyone a personal guildleve card for their character. Sample provided below:

Personal Guildleve Pics AverrosAncientusValor
Personal Guildleve Pics AverrosAncientusDiligence
Personal Guildleve Pics AverrosAncientusConstancy

Just send me a pm with your email and/or a photobucket/imagehost of the image you want put in.

Averros Ancientus

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