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This forum operates under an open membership policy. Basic forum membership is granted to anyone, but can be refused based solely on the judgment of the administration and is not a right. Membership can be revoked at any time for any reason.

Forum Etiquette

VeP is a place to hold civil, professional discussions about FFXIV related material. Do not insult others and be respectful when discussing gameplay research. Threads that do not follow this guideline may be closed or deleted, and posters may be banned from the forum.

You will not post any material which is abusive, vulgar, harassing, violates the SE NDA. Sexual, racial, or religious discrimination will not be tolerated in any form and are bannable on the first offense. It is recommended that profanity be held to a minimum, as it does not promote civil conversation.

Image Policy

VeP is a "work-safe" website. Images of exposed genitalia and/or female nipple/aureola are not allowed. Do not spam the forum with the same image multiple times; you will be banned for this. Avatar image size cannot be larger than 150 pixels by 200 pixels, and no more then 64k in size. The goal is to keep this forum clutter free and easy to view. Use an external site to host your images for use in this forum and never post a real life image of a player, their ID, or their property without their permission.

*Note* Do not use to hotlink images to this forum - there are technical issues that we prefer to not deal with.

Information Violation

Avoid posting copyrighted material; linking is preferred. Promotion of pirating software, illegal third party apps, or posting information that violates the SE NDA is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. Posting, emailing, or messaging advertisements will be subject to banning. If posting information that was written by another poster/player, it must be referenced and/or cited with due credit to the original poster/player.

Final Notices

  • Follow the rules and guidelines detailed above

  • Our terms are subject to change at any time without notification

  • Avoid using imageshack to hotlink your images

  • You will be banned if you post/link NSFW or ASCII large-scale profanity outside of the Joke Forum

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