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Fishing - The Basics

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1 Fishing - The Basics on Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:37 pm


So I started to fish today. I picked up a few fishing regional leves. It's actually not as complicated as everyone says it is. First you need a fishing line, and a type of bait for the water source you wish to fish in. It's the same as basically every other mini-game. First you choose a depth at which to cast your line, and then you wait for a bite. If it's only a nibble, I usually will hit wait till I get a bite, and then jig.

Jigging starts the 2nd part of the minigame (similar to mining/swinging an axe), except you have to actually choose which way to pull the line in order to gain line on the fish. I usually do 1 extreme to one side, and then the other side if it doesn't say I'm close yet. Usually it says you have hooked something, but cannot reel it in on your first attempt. Pretty much do this until you see a message saying the fish is tired, and then hit that spot again, and you should have a high success rate! I'll be adding more tips sometime. Back to fishing!

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