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Mining - starting guide

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1Mining - starting guide Empty Mining - starting guide Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:36 am


New User
New User

Primary tool: Weathered Pickaxe
Secondary tool: Bronze Sledgehammer

From what I have practiced I found that mining is incredibly simple and straight forward. It tells you exactly what to do, but it does not explain anything, once you understand what it's trying to tell you it cums like Cartman on KFC.

Mining - starting guide Mining10

These are the four hotspots for mining.

But first, There are about 6 possible things it will tell you.

---You feel something promising = You are in the correct zone of circles but are not on the right spot

---You feel nothing promising = You are in the wrong zone of circles

The zones are divided by the visual circle seen on the image (not the ones I circled in)

---You are getting closer to the mark = You are getting closer to the hotspot but have not yet reached it. (make your circle a little larger or smaller in the same direction)

---You are getting further from the mark = You made your circle larger or smaller but were wrong, try going the opposite way.

---You feel something, but can not yet mine it = This means you hit the mark!!! but you probably hit it on the first or second strike. Hit it again in the exact same spot and I guarantee you will obtain your item

---Your strike damages the (item) = This means you found the right spot but were off by just a tad... once you get good at hitting the hotspots this will rarely happen.

Now I will give examples of what may happen.

The largest ring I have drawn is where I always hit first.
It will say one of four things.
---Your feel nothing promising: try the smallest or second smallest ring next.
---You feel something promising: try the second largest ring next to see if you went in the right direction or not.
---You feel something promising but can not yet extract it yet: HIT THAT SAME SPOT AGAIN.

Continue the process after each strike, the messages are hinting at where the hotspot is.
Good luck! If you get good at this I've found this to be the quickest/cheapest way to gain exp!

2Mining - starting guide Empty Re: Mining - starting guide Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:59 pm


Onion Knight
Onion Knight

Mining is indeed great exp. It's not quite as good as flat out grinding crafting, but it's a lot more fun in my opinion.

3Mining - starting guide Empty Re: Mining - starting guide Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:47 am

The Doctor

The Doctor
Onion Knight
Onion Knight

Its almost relaxing but crafting...mUHHHHHHHHHHHH. Just something about the glow of heated metal that warms my bones.

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