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Crafting Information!

Averros Ancientus
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1Crafting Information! Empty Crafting Information! Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:09 am

Averros Ancientus

Averros Ancientus

*** This was posted on another forum, they reposted from their guild.... so no idea who to give credit to! ***

I have been reading these forums a lot this week and this question pops up a lot, I have seen a lot of people guessing how it works without trying it, I got my info directly from the Beta Test Site's game manual + leveling professions myself (I am currently level 14 carpenter, level 10 blacksmith).

White = High Success Rate
Yellow = Moderate Success
Red = Low Success
Flashy Colors = very low success can sometimes use the 'wait' command a few times to wait for it to change to a solid color
Sparks = Letting you know you are doing something wrong, exactly what we are doing wrong is not known at this time; not really important at this time in my experience
Rings around it = Unstable can either wait a couple turns and hope it stabilizes or try and finish it in the next 1-2 turns before it explodes. (Some people are suggesting that while the element is unstable that there is a change to gain you largest inceases, I have not been able to test this so I am not sure if it is true)

Standard Synthesis = An average progress rate with lower penalties to durability with failures.
Rapid Synthesis = Perfect for people trying to just level crafting and not caring about quality. Gives large increase in progress with little to no increase in Quality.
Bold = Use this when you care about the quality of what you are making, it consumes a heavy amount of durability on a fail but will net you a large quality gain.
Waiting = If your element goes unstable or begins flashing you can wait 1-4 turns hoping it stabilizes or changes to a solid color. Doing more than 4 waits will murder your durability.

Most Important Fact of all to keep in mind: The higher the level you are the easier it is to craft anything, I am at the point now that most of what I craft is at like 80% success rate on all 3 synthesis and with using my abilities near 100%. A lot of our conjecture on the exact mechanics seems to be a waste of time in the current stage of the crafting game. It won't be till way later in the game when people are really after the +3 quality gear and such that it will matter.

Some believe the colors White, Red and Orange have different success from what I have posted, this may be the case but I have yet to see proof, we may all be wrong, SE have some pretty crazy off the wall ideas for ****.

1. Make sure in your trade skill's respective guild or in any of the camps you talk to an NPC and pay a 100-200 gil fee to use their crafting facilities, they will give you a buff that nets you +chance to success in y our crafting.
2. In Ul'Dah you can buy shirts and pants that give +2 Crafting each for a total of 4 (You only need these if you didn't start out as Disciple of the Hand as I think they get these on entering the game.
3. Google Search Cliff's Hardware Mouse Fix - And use the mouse for crafting it will REALLY speed up how fast you do craft and make it a lot more pleasant.

_______________________________ Directly from the Beta Test Site Game Manual___________________________________


The Synthesis Process
1. Having equipped the proper tool,choose the Synthesize option from the system menu.
2. Select from among the available slots and set the desired ingredients from your inventory to be used in the synthesis.
3. Choose the Begin command corresponding to the tool you wish to use-either main hand or off hand-to commence crafting.
4. Observe the status of your crafting and select commands as it progresses until it reaches completion.
5. Obtain the item you crafted, together with an award of experience points, and possibly an award of skill points.

Synthesis Properties
Each synthesis attempt is governed by three distinct factors. These are listed below with a brief description of each.

- Progress
Progress, which begins at 0% and ends at 100%, denotes how close the current synthesis is to completion.
- Durability
Durability will diminish each time a command is executed during the crafting process. Should the durability reach zero, the synthesis will fail and the ingredients will be lost.
- Quality
Higher degrees of quality allow for a greater chance of creating high-quality items, while at the same time increasing difficulty. Such crafting results will yield higher rewards from synthesis-oriented local levequests.

Viewing the graphic results of a command can help to determine whether the command produced positive or negative results. Through such careful observation, players can increase not only their overall chances of success, but the likelihood of high-quality yields as well.

Basic Commands
The four commands listed below make up the basic commands of synthesis.

- Standard Synthesis
Executing this command will lower durability to a certain extent, but at the same time increase the overall likelihood of success while reducing any negative impact on synthesis ingredients.
- Rapid Synthesis
This command is capable of yielding dramatic results. With luck, it will advance progress with little impact on durability. However, it does place significant strain on synthesis materials. It is perhaps best employed to attempt to turn a failing synthesis into a surprising success.
- Careful Synthesis
This command increases a player’s emphasis on quality with the specific intent of creating a high-quality item. Due to the fact that it greatly reduces durability, it is essential that it be used in conjunction with certain synthesis-related abilities, as described below.
- Wait
Waiting means that a player simply stands by and waits for the synthesis to perhaps stabilize or take a turn for the better. Observing to excess, however, will result in a decline in durability.

Using Abilities During Synthesis
In addition to the basic commands outlined above, there are also a number of abilities which can only be used during synthesis. These are learned by characters as their crafting skill increases.

There are, however, some important differences. First, synthesis abilities cannot be used twice in succession, meaning that the most frequently they may be executed is every other command. Second, there are no ability costs for using synthesis abilities, such as MP or TP consumption, and no recast timers. The probability of such abilities becoming available for use during synthesis instead depends upon factors such as class rank and player attributes.

Differences Among Tools
Tools employed by the Disciples of the Hand are split into two categories: primary tools (main hand) and secondary tools (off hand). When beginning a synthesis, players must choose the tool with which they wish to craft. Though the synthesis may be conducted with either, the results may differ based on the nature of the recipe or pattern being followed.

A player can temporarily increase the likelihood of successful synthesis by speaking with a vendor and paying a fee to make use of the guild's facilities.

*** Thank you for taking the time to check out this info package ***

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Onion Knight
Onion Knight

Thanks for the info Averra. The colors info seems pretty accurate with what I've experienced. Specifically, I do this and it works about 80% of the time when doing a guild leve. I was able to complete weaving guild leves at weaving 1. I did use the crafting buff from camps too. I also do this when turning hempen yarn into hempen cloth.

Rapid synth as many people have stated is a great way to level up your job and gain exp. From what I've seen, you only get experience for your physical level by completing the synth successfully. This means that if your goal is to level, you need to finish the synth. Avoid bold synth at all costs and use standard synth sparingly. Rapid synth is your bread and butter.

1. I always start out with a rapid synth to get my progress up.
2. If it is a solid color (white, yellow, or red) I use rapid synth.
3. If it is flashing colors I will use wait up to 3 times. If it doesn't become a solid color after the third wait, I use a standard synth. Wait expends durability each time you use it and increases by 1 after each use. This can add up to quite a bit of loss durability if you insist on waiting for a solid color and a solid color does not guarantee success either. Yes , sometimes it fails but you need to move on if you want a chance at finishing the synth.
4. If the element becomes unstable (pulsing and rotating rings) I always wait it out. This means using the wait command until your synth stabilizes. In my experience, if you try to progress while your synth is unstable you will fail. Just wait it out.
5. DON’T GET COCKY/BOLD! I’ve had some great successes before and made it up to 80% progress with a ton of durability left and figure I’ll do some bold synths for the heck of it. STOP! DON’T RISK IT! I’ve tried this enough times to see it fail more often than succeed. Remember your goal is to level and as far as I can tell quality doesn’t affect how much skill or experience you earn. Just finish the damn thing.

I’m confident in standing by these tips if your goal is to complete a synth for the purposes of leveling. From what I’ve seen so far this is true.
1. You can gain far more skill and you can only gain exp by COMPLETING the synth.
2. Quality has no worthwhile effect upon the amount of skill or exp you gain for completing the synth.

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Onion Knight
Onion Knight

I see a lot of conflicting advice on the meaning of the colors of your orb while synthing without any data to back it up. So i decided to carry out an experiment and record the data to try to shed some light on the subject.

All tests were done with the Hempen Yarn recipe at level 7 or 8 (forget which) with "standard synthesis". There are 100 data points in total.

These are the success rates for each orb with the total number of occurrences in parentheses.

White - 37% (27)
Yellow - 55% (11)
Red - 14% (7)
Random - 13% (53)

As you can see, in this experiment using standard synthesis yellow gave the highest success rate, followed by white and finally red and random were tied for the lowest.

Also worth mentioning is that random had by far the highest number of occurrences.

I would encourage others to carry out similar experiments with the other two methods so that we may all have a better idea of how this system works.

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Onion Knight
Onion Knight

With the Random thing I do rather well... but I use standard most the way thru. If I blow more than 2x I wait 2-3 times try to get a solid color. Blowing 2x your 3rd seems to be most likely another blow.

I agree with the Bold being dangerous unless your high level making low level goods. If your making something around your level just keep trying to finish.

Rapid for me seems too dangerous as a general statement I don't use rapid unless I know I'm down on the durability count. Standard is the best way to get thru it... just know if you blow up 2x you better wait 2-3 times let it cool off.

Another note Solid colors after a 2x blow is usually bad, WAIT... Solid I did fine on % wise, normally I was good with standard.

Take Care


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I always use rapid, due to the fact that it seems to have the highest progression rate, and I can usually succeed by doing this. I don't really care about HQ at this point, so there's really no reason for me to improve the quality of an item, I'd rather just get them done.

6Crafting Information! Empty Re: Crafting Information! Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:44 pm


Onion Knight
Onion Knight

To add to Ori's post - When doing a guildleve (I think that is what they are called) I also do this until about 75-85%, then I alternate based on durability between standard and (w/e the high one is). I did not do extensive testing, but when producing all 3 crafts successfully and at high quality, it seemed to give me substantially better gil and item rewards.

7Crafting Information! Empty Re: Crafting Information! Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:46 am

The Doctor

The Doctor
Onion Knight
Onion Knight

The color thing was tricky but now its kind of fun watching people who don't understand just steam roll hammering away and failing every time.


Aye, Lol was thinking about this from the beta.

Also it has been at least with me that when crafting and getting a multi-colored item...thing...that its like a wild card flashing white/yellow/red...maybe. I speculating on this though but I was bored and starting keeping track on crafting outcomes and the only one that isn't giving me a defined pattern is the "multi-color". Its been nearly 50% success so far.

Maybe its time related/ skill level/ just random luck? Or maybe all 3?

8Crafting Information! Empty Re: Crafting Information! Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:24 am


Onion Knight
Onion Knight

I think it's related to skill. If you attempt a craft close or above your level you get more multi to add extra difficulty. You rarely get multi-colored orbs on a craft far below your level.

9Crafting Information! Empty Re: Crafting Information! Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:34 am

The Doctor

The Doctor
Onion Knight
Onion Knight

Indeed just noticed that with blacksmithing today. Was getting mostly white/blueish and yellow wih low level craft items and red rarely.

Plus I believe there may be more than 1 "random" multi-color.

There seems be one with all 3 colors and another where only 2 colors alternate? Maybe my eyes suck. cyclops

Maybe skill related as well?

10Crafting Information! Empty Re: Crafting Information! Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:07 am



But you're the doctor! You should be able to solve any synthesis! Surprised

11Crafting Information! Empty Re: Crafting Information! Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:21 am

The Doctor

The Doctor
Onion Knight
Onion Knight

a small technicality in having to use a screwdriver instead of a sonic screwdriver. Only thing sonic in game would be the ability to throw my characters hammer across the room in rage and managing to hit the wall as I fail at every attempt to complete a craft lev 10 when my craft lv is 12. The pain the never ending drumming.... .... .... .... lol

12Crafting Information! Empty Re: Crafting Information! Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:01 am



You could always ask Rose for help! She could probably figure it out. Razz

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