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1Introduction Empty Introduction on Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:57 pm

Averros Ancientus

Averros Ancientus
Good Day,

Since I am sitting here waiting for the server to come back up, I thought I would take a few moments to introduce myself. I am here to make friends, and enjoy the game, so here goes...

My Name is Ian, I am 32 years old. Husband of Snowkat (Tammy) and father of two wonderful son's. Both of whom are gamers, and once I upgrade their video card will also likely join us. I am a Communications Consultant & Computer Systems Technician by trade, Programmer and somewhat web designer by hobby.

I have been playing MMO's since before most people knew what they were..... Starting as a beta tester for Meridian 59. This is not including MUDs which I coded for many years. I played EQ1, EQ2, Ultima Online, FFXI, Horizons, and many others. I am coming to FFXIV because I enjoy a challenge, and am tired of the easy content of most games. FFXI filled that role for me for a long time, but due to grouping for everything I was not able to play too much due to real life commitments and was forced to end my subscription. I figure now that I have time again, I would come and enjoy FFXIV.

My gaming style is that of an achiever... I love nothing better than taking down a very hard MOB, and accomplishing things others haven't. I also enjoy exploring and socializing, to me that is the nature of an MMO. Too many companies have lost touch with that and everything these days seems to be all about playing single player.

I must say in closing, that the little time that I have gotten to group with VEP I have enjoyed thoroughly, and that I think this will be my home for a very long time.

Thank you for bringing me into the LS, and I hope I can contribute to our little piece of the community for a long time to come.

AKA Averra/Averros Ancientus

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