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Mob elemental weaknesses

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1Mob elemental weaknesses Empty Mob elemental weaknesses Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:14 pm


Onion Knight
Onion Knight

I could not find any information about this on any of the database/wiki websites out there. Unlike in XI, XIV has two elemental wheels: fire > ice > wind & water > earth > lightning. So, without further ado here is a (very) short list of elemental weaknesses of various mobs in the black shroud that i've procured during my travels.

Wolves - weak to EARTH
Funguars - weak to FIRE
Galagos - weak to WATER
Marmots - weak to WATER

edit: here is some raw data concerning mob's elemental weakness corresponding to their crystal drops. The test was done on thistletail marmots outside of emerald moss.


Crystal drops:
49 earth
21 fire
21 ice


Damage dealt:
average out of 10.
R = full-resist(0dmg),
PR = partial-resist,
C = critical.

water 350, 0R, 1PR, 3C

fire 317, 0R, 0PR, 0C

wind 288, 0R, 3PR, 2C

thunder 266, 1R, 2PR, 2C

ice 244, 1R, 1PR, 1C

earth 200, 1R, 2PR, 2C


Glancing at the data quickly we can see that the element that is STRONG to the most frequently dropped crystal averaged the highest damage, the most crits, and the least resists. The 2 elements that are strong to the 'secondary' crystal drops came in 2nd and 3rd, while the element EQUAL to the most frequently dropped crystal came in last.

all of the elemental 'stats' on my character are equal in value.

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